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The Great British School Swap, Channel 4


Misrepresentation of minorities within film and broadcasting is not a new concern, but it is essential to refresh the mental criteria of what is expected of Muslim representation on the screen to ensure a more positive and constructive presence. We are increasingly seeing Muslims on the television; on the news, in documentaries, in stand-up comedy, in dramas, in daily soaps. Muslims are well and truly present in mainstream British media, but how much of this presence is contributing to healthy and meaningful representation?

Recently, Channel 4 released a documentary-style series set across two British schools – one from a predominantly White area and one from a predominantly visibly Muslim area. The premise of the show, The Great British School Swap, is that the pupils explore their perspectives of one another’s backgrounds and experience one another’s lifestyles, ultimately, aiming to build healthier dialogues about multiculturalism. While entertaining and a learning experience for some, the foundation of the show in comparison to its execution came across as a little concerning. Channel 4, like many mainstream media, have overlooked the influence and effect of the narrative they pursue in their representations of Muslims on screen, as well as the type of audience engagement they are prompting…

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