This week I heard from a young woman sharing her community’s experience with Islamophobia and Fascism. Lea bravely shares images and her account of a prominent anti-Muslim figure showing up in her neighbourhood in Copenhagen – and how the police protected the individual rather than the community he had targeted.

We have many racists here in Denmark, but one is a hot topic right now. He has campaigned for prominent POC figures to be thrown off from a parachute. He has a political party, they are not in the government (yet) but they go to marginalised housing complexes in Denmark. Housing complexes made of concrete and racism. He goes there and verbally assaults people, spewing out racial abuse.

His politics includes banning Muslims from working, talking to Danes, forbidding Muslims from going into public spaces like parks, forbidding Muslim kids from going to the same kindergartens as Danish kids. He has burned the Quran, grilled pork over it, smeared it with poop, peed on it, while attacking every brown person he sees… but the police protect him. They show up in mass with armor, tanks and teargas. Why? Because of the beloved notion of ‘freedom of speech’.

Hatred, psychological violence and verbal abuse towards minorities is considered freedom of speech. This racist decided to show up in our neighborhood. He wanted to throw the Quran around while handing out unbelievably disgraceful drawings of the Muslim prophet Mohammad.

My neighborhood, our neighborhood, is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Copenhagen, but a neighborhood that has been targeted by racist laws before that.

However, it is neighborhood that is not afraid to strike back. Why shouldn’t we? As if group hugs and balloons will work towards fascism? Asking people of color to stay silent and meet our oppressors with kindness is a privileged point of view. If we meet him with thousands of hugs he would still want to deport us all and treat us like animals. As I have said earlier, this is not the end, this is the beginning of the rise of fascism, and why I don’t see a future for our future generations in the West.

The racist got to throw around the Quran but two young brave men one Somali and one Arab jumped past the police officers and grabbed the Quran from the racist’s hands. After that, the police escorted him out. Nonetheless we were not done. The Danish society have spent 6 million Danish kroner to protect racism and fascism. These pictures are from the aftermath. The police did nothing but escalate the whole situation. Police threw teargas at those who tried to protest.

Lea, Denmark